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The Crazy Train

Dec 30, 2013

In the Year in Review, Brad and Rob discuss: Thundercats The story behind E14 v1.0 Cartoon reboots. Brad's feeling on punk. He-Man. Brad and Rob's 2013. We talk about The Hobbit. We talk movies of the year. Rob tells a story about seeing the Evil Dead remake. We talk about gaming (war, board and video) We talk our...

Dec 15, 2013

In Episode 17 (not 18) of The Crazy Train: We play Cards Against Humanity Rob gives a little mid-show explanation. We play Braggart.

Dec 2, 2013

In Episode 18 (not 17) of the show... We talk about Queen's post-Freddie woes. We talk a little about the plans for The Crazy Train over December. We talk our love of We pitch some more Deadliest Warrior episodes. We talk about Gandhi and Brian Blessed. We talk about whether Brad is coming back....